Genealogy Research Services
We believe our ancestors want to be found, as much as we want to find them.

Ancestry Searches And Family Tree Creation - Free Estimates

        In order to send you a free estimate, I need to know what type of service you are looking for, what format you want the results to be in, as well as, the information you already have on your family.  After an estimate is sent, you can order services either by mailing a check, by using our secure shopping cart that accepts credit cards, or by calling me with your credit card information.

Basic rates: 
         My hourly fee is $20.00.  Projects quoted up to $500.00 will require a minimum down payment of $100.00.  Projects quoted over $500.00 will require a 50% minimum down payment.  Projects that include editing or verifying an existing online family tree require prepayment of all services.  Payment plans are available.  

        I will keep you posted throughout the research, in case you want me to change directions and focus on another line of your family tree.
        There is no commitment for any time not spent.  For example:  If I quote 10 hours of work and then I begin the project, you may ask me to stop at the first 5 hours, but if I have already spent an additional 2 hours, then you are only committed to those extra 2 hours.
        Full or partial refunds of the down payment are possible, depending on time spent on the project.

Possible additional costs:
        Additional costs might be incurred, such as if birth or death certificates are available online for fees, or in cases where microfilm needs to be ordered. Sometimes websites have available records or newspaper obituaries, but charge for access.  There is no mark-up for any of these costs, and once a possible extra expense is known, I will not proceed without your approval.

Services I offer:
        ~ Hunt for your missing ancestors
        ~ Create your family tree
        ~ Verify the accuracy of your existing tree
        ~ Show you how to create a tree yourself
        ~ Create books, posters or calendars

Available formats:
        ~ Online: (Please note that any subscription fees to websites are at the discretion of the customer)  new family trees can be created at and; existing trees you may have can be edited

        ~ Email: GEDCOM files (used to upload the data to your own genealogy software); charts; reports; PDF and/or JPEG images of records that are found

        ~ CD: GEDCOM files; charts; reports; PDF and/or JPEG images of records that are found

        ~ Mail: Charts; reports; record copies; books; posters; calendars

What you already know:
        I need to know everything that you know, including information on other family members.  If you only supply me with your direct line, then it will take longer for me to find that family.

        ~ If you are just starting out, you may use the forms I have supplied at the bottom of this page.

        ~ If you have a family tree created on, you can simply invite me to be a guest, (use the email: and choose whether or not I can see the information for living people.

        ~ If you have a tree online at another website, email me the link.

        ~ If you have a family tree created in software, such as Family Tree Maker, Legacy or any type of PAF file, download it as a GEDCOM file and email me the file.

        ~ If you have photographs with notes on the back, copies of letters or post cards, or even newspaper clippings of obituaries, please scan and email them.

        ~ If there are any notes about your ancestors from family lore, jot them down and send them to me.

Estimate process:
        After I review your information, understand what type of service you are requesting, and know in what format you prefer the results, I will send you a quote.

        If you wish to proceed, I will send an agreement detailing what my primary and any secondary goals will be.
        Purchasing the service is done on the "Order Services" page using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, and the quote number is required at point of sale.  You can also print the quote and mail a check, or simply call me with your credit card information.

Finding Grandpa Forms:
        These helpful tools can be freely distributed and used for your personal research.  The Individual Family Group Sheets have two pages, and are available in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and PDF formats.  If you need assistance either opening or saving them, please email me.

        To print:  Click on the links, which will open in a new window on your browser, and print them.  You can then scan and email the completed forms to me.

        To save to your computer:  Right click on link, select "save target as", and choose a name/number series for its title.  For example: VanDyke-Mary1, VanDyke-Mary2, etc.  This will allow one form to be saved for each family, as well as, allow you to edit the forms individually.

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