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Genealogical Research Services

Our ancestors are much more than names on a page...

Discover yours today and bring them back to life!


Genealogy Research includes finding more than photos of people.  It discovers: ship manifests; newspaper articles; B/M/D records; military files; probate records; and maps that show where your ancestors lived.  

Finding Grandpa is a professional genealogy research service that strives to help people who are looking for their ancestors, whether it's their grandparents, great-great grandparents, or other family members, hereafter referred to as "grandpa".  I believe that ancestry and genealogy research services should not be expensive, while at the same time, allowing the customer to choose how simple, or how elaborate, the results are delivered.

I offer free estimates for genealogy services.
Everyone's ancestry search needs are different, so I offer free estimates on what I think it might take to help you find your grandpa.  If I don't think I can help in some fashion, then I'm going to try to offer ideas on how you might be able to get your ancestry results elsewhere.  

Please refer to the "Estimates" page for more details.

Are you just starting out?
I can help you if you are just starting out on your ancestry trek to find your grandpa by creating your family tree for you.  After your family tree is created, you would have the option to continue the genealogy research yourself, or have me hunt for more information on your ancestors.  If you wish to do your own genealogy family search, please see my page called "Do-It-Yourself" for some tips.

Do you already have a family tree created?
If you already have an ancestry family tree started, I can help verify that what you have is correct information.  I will search for records to confirm the relationship between family groups and individuals.  If I notice that you have missing or incorrect information, I will suggest ideas on how to fix it, or I can fix it for you.  I can help to expand your family tree by searching for more ancestors.

Have you hit a wall in your research?
I can help look for more clues on where your grandpa was from or who his parents were.  I will first make sure the link between you and he is correct.  I will also search for anything on your missing grandpa's immediate family because, "back in the day" family often stayed together and are sometimes found in census records living with or nearby each other.  Focusing on one family line in your ancestry may increase your family tree by several generations.

Result formats:
There is a variety of formats available to send the results of my genealogy research to you: Online ancestry family trees can be created or edited; Email can be used for sending files and images; CD's can be mailed; Printed charts, reports, books, posters and calendars can be mailed.

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