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Finding Grandpa:

There are a lot of people who really want to know more about their ancestors, but don't have the time to research, or don't know where to begin or how to build a well documented family tree.  I want to help those people.  I want to show them that family members are more than a bunch of names on a page, and that they often had very interesting lives! 

I started this business because I believe that genealogy research services should be kept simple, and not cost an arm and a leg for those of us who just want to find our "grandpas".        

If I can't help you somehow, I will suggest ideas for you -- at no charge. 


I have been doing genealogy research since 2003.  I understand the critical need for accuracy, attention to detail, proving relationships with supporting documents, and notating logical conclusions.  I know documenting sources is a major factor in genealogy, and every find must have some kind of source notation.


I was a bookkeeper for a manufacturing company for over nine years, and have been in the customer service and/or accounting fields since 1978.  Paying attention to details was critical in my careers. 


I have organized a family reunion in 2009 in Loughrea, Ireland, from my home in New Mexico, in which over 160 people were able to attend.  I enjoy working logic puzzles, and I truly enjoy "the hunt" for missing grandpas and their families. 


I have volunteered my services to various organizations.  I have been asked to give several classes to two New Mexico LDS Family History Libraries on: how to research Irish ancestors; how to make Family History Books; and why you should use census records in research. 


I have transcribed records several times for the LDS website


My husband and I are volunteers for the website and have uploaded several thousand photos and names to their data base.  We once photographed the entire internment register for The Carmelite Abbey Cemetery in Ireland, and a woman who lives in Australia found her great-great grandparents there after looking for them for 30 years. 


I am a volunteer for Ireland Reaching Out.  This organization was created to help people re-connect with living relatives from parishes all across Ireland.  By having a wide variety of volunteers, it offers many "man on the ground" opportunities to ask questions like: "I'm searching for the Sweeney family from Loughrea, could anyone help me with any further information?" 


I have freely helped many individuals either by: finding their missing grandpas; building their family trees from scratch; given them clues on where to search next; or by cleaning their online family trees and proving the information was correct.  

See my page "Testimonials" for more.

Statue of Patsy Touhey, in a park across the street from where my 2x Great Grandparents lived.

Statue of Patsy Touhey, in a park across the street from where my 2x Great Grandparents lived.