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The above images represent what I can do for you, before and after I find information on your families.  The one on the left was sent to me by a customer to use in her Family History Book.  The one on the right is after I cleaned it up and edited it.

The following are comments from some of the people whom I have helped.

Gordon (my dad), New Mexico:
In the 70’s or 80’s I got an LDS program for genealogy and started asking relatives for information, my beginnings were “she told me so” without much other verification.  Over time, some solid factual items were gained. After about 1600 names were accumulated, I began to drift away from the effort.  A few years ago, you took over and the project just blossomed into a very professional and deeply factual product with extensive official records and documents.  I am so impressed.  I see where you helped a number of other families and how  amazed and pleased they are for all you have done.  But you are especially gifted with memory and an analytical ability well beyond the norm and so, in my mind you are well positioned and equipped for your new genealogical pursuit.  
God bless you and you have our love.

Barby, Washington:
Finding Grandpa is currently helping me to find some of my ancestors.  Mary has been very helpful in pulling up information to help me track a grandfather that we knew very little about.  She is a very diligent searcher, and will help find many different types of information that will help you to track who your ancestors are, and little tidbits such as jobs they have held, or where they are buried.   This is a great service!  I highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to find out more about their ancestors and loved ones.

Terrence, New Mexico:
Well let me tell you!  I had no idea who my grandmother was, nor my grandfather, this lady dove in head first and in no time I not only knew who they were but she went far back to find folks I cannot even pronounce their names.  How interesting this journey was.  The good part is at my age I can't remember so I get to have return visits to Mary and get reacquainted with those on horseback and live in castles.  This company should sell stock cause I would definitely have it.  I know these wonderful people they are hard working and as genuine as any I have ever been in the company of.
My son in PA has used Mary for much of the Ancestry book he has worked on, none of which would (be) so far along had it not been for these  two wonderful people.  My recommendation is to join this power team that travels back in time, and enjoy every minute.  You will never be  disappointed, and your word of choice will be WOW.  We found living  relatives in Australia, that was very cool.  You will be amazed at who is related to you, this is a journey you will be happy to take.  I will never be able to thank them enough for opening this new world to our family, and the process though not a simple one has it's own magnetism that will keep you wanting more.
This company will be the best in our time due to these two people and how they do business.  Sorry for the rambling, but this is such a high for all involved, it's life changing.  Thank you Mary and Alan for making this an awesome year!!  We hope this will be an enduring joy for you both. 
Best Wishes.

Mary, Co. Dublin, Ireland:
I have known Mary since 2009, when she organized a reunion of our family in Loughrea.  This was the start of a wonderful journey into the past for me and all members of our extended family.  Thanks to Mary,  friendships have been established between family members who had never been heard of, prior to May 2009.  Only last Friday, I had the pleasure of meeting with two of these "new" cousins.  We had great fun exchanging family stories, photos etc.  Older connections with family members have been strengthened due to a heightened awareness of our shared past.
Mary enjoys the challenge of finding information from the flimsiest of clues.  We never cease to be amazed at her discoveries.  It is thrilling to see photographs and details of the lives of people who were once just names in my grandmother's address book.
Mary is very generous of her time and exceptional skills and I am sure that she will deliver very good value to anyone who avails of her services.
I wish Mary and Alan every success in their new venture.

Mike, Co. Galway, Ireland:
Mary literally helped me find my grandpa.  While I knew some things about him, he died as a young man and wasn’t spoken of very much in our family.  Mary carried out detailed research into our family history and, in the process, uncovered some real nuggets about my grandfather.  This is not only of interest to me but also to my children and other relatives.  Mary’s work is persistent and thorough.  She is passionate about genealogy and family history research and I have no hesitation in recommending her work.

Eileen, France:
I can never ever thank Mary enough for what she did for me.  She helped me find my family and totally changed all our lives for ever.
My case was somewhat unique and not only required detailed and thorough research which Mary carried out brilliantly, but it also required very sensitive handling.  She showed so much compassion and support through a very difficult time. 
I wish Mary and Alan every success with their new venture.  They deserve it and I just hope they can help others as much as they helped me.
Good Luck.

Susie, Texas:
My brother and I met Mary through our cousin who lives in Albuquerque.  When we decided to research our family history, we talked back and forth with our cousin.  She knew that Mary was doing genealogy work and asked (Mary) if she would contact us to offer ideas, as we were “drifting off in many directions” and would appreciate the help.
That was all it took…  from the time we first exchanged e mails  (we didn’t  meet in person for 4-5 months) she was enthusiastic to do whatever she could to help.  She immediately became “part of the family”.  After she reviewed our tree, she recognized it was full of clones and suggested that it would be best to start over with a new  tree.  We had all the research and information and Mary tied it all together for us. She took over the tree and wiped out the non-relatives and built a clean family tree. She began having us tie up loose ends.   As a result of her motivation, support and great organizational skills, we were able to produce a 250 page Family History Book that our ancestors can be proud of having.  (So far, we have had 35 books ordered from Ancestry.)
If anyone is thinking of starting a family tree and doesn’t know where to start or where to go, you can‘t find a better “support” than Mary.

Pat, Co. Galway, Ireland:
I can recommend Mary K for assistance with genealogical searches.  I know from personal experience that she is a tenacious researcher, resourceful and indefatigable.  She has a wide knowledge of research bases and has uncovered many details of considerable importance in researching the family history of the Sweeney family, our shared ancestry.    

 Betty, Colorado:
A couple of years ago, while diving into my ancestors online, I ran across someone on Ancestry.Com who seemed to be looking in some of the same places that I was. After exchanging a few emails, I discovered  that she was married to one of my cousins. We exchanged some information and photos, and I quickly discovered that Mary Van Dyke really knew what she was doing when it came to genealogy research.  
Recently, I shared a story with Mary about my Grandma, and how we would go on drives to a nearby town, Holland, Nebraska, and see “Uncle Tom’s” old model A or T.  The problem was that I didn’t know I had an Uncle Tom, and was I unable to find any information about him.  
That was just the kind of challenge that Mary thrives on. Before long, Mary found the Uncle Tom I was looking for.